Orbi Bridge Mode

How to setup orbi in Bridge mode: Complete Setup

When it involves ensuring that all your WiFi-enabled gadgets stay connected to the internet, Netgear Orbi gadgets have taken the globe by storm. Netgear often adds new functionality to its product range in an effort to improve the internet experience for its customers. Orbi Bridge Mode is one such function.

Your Orbi WiFi system’s overall performance may be greatly improved by configuring it in Netgear Orbi Bridge Mode. Read on to learn what Netgear Orbi Bridge Mode is and how to activate it on your wifi gadget.

What is Bridge Mode?

Switching to bridge mode disables the modem’s NAT functionality, allowing the router to double as a DHCP server without ever using up a fixed IP address. It is necessary to bridge the modem before connecting it to a router because several applications, such as VPNs, P2Ps, and remote management, need a public IP Address just on the router’s WAN port in order to function properly.

What Exactly is Netgear Orbi Bridge Mode?

In Bridge Mode, the coverage area of a Netgear Orbi router may be expanded. However, the Orbi router must be set to Bridge Mode for this to work. That way, you and your household may easily join the router’s network.  Be sure you’ve updated the firmware on your Netgear Orbi router before continuing. Don’t skip this step, or you’ll run into trouble while attempting to set your gadget in Bridge Mode.

Advantages of using bridge mode

If you need a larger Wi-Fi coverage area, bridge mode is the way to go. While not exclusively a business tool, its widespread deployment makes a single router impractical in settings such as vast workplaces or public buildings.

Access will be excellent if you are in close proximity to the ISP-provided WiFi router. However, the signal weakens as the device moves away from the router and eventually the WiFi connection is lost. In order to overcome this issue, bridge mode was developed. This mode effectively “bridges” connections to faraway networks, making them more accessible.

As a result of using several routers in conjunction with an ISP-supplied modem/router, devices on different networks will be unable to exchange data with one another. By switching to orbi router bridge mode, you may increase the number of connected devices, increase Wi-Fi range, speed, and dependability.

Steps to Set Up Netgear Orbi in Bridge Mode

Follow the detailed instructions below that will explain how to set orbi up in bridge mode:

  • Launch your Netgear Orbi setup by connecting it to a power source.
  • Become on the Orbi system and watch for the power indicator light to turn green.
  • Next, get an Ethernet wire and connect your Orbi router to the current modem.
  • Check to ensure that the Ethernet cable is securely fastened.

If you’re using an existing modem with your Netgear Orbi router, make sure the Ethernet cable connecting it to the modem is in good working order.

  • Connect the power adapter to the wall and turn on your Netgear Orbi satellite.
  • Next step is to Sync the Orbi router and satellite.
  • Select the Sync option on your Orbi router to begin. Make the same changes to the Orbi satellite.
  • Turn on your computer when all of your Orbi gadgets have synchronized.
  • Access orbilogin.com using the internet browser of your choice.
  • Make sure your browser is up-to-date, whether you use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc.
  • A page will load asking you to log in to your Netgear Orbi with the supplied information.
  • Please log in using the standard Orbi username and password.

It is advised that you consult the user manual of your Netgear Orbi if you are unsure of the default admin details.

  • If you have a Netgear Orbi WiFi router, clicking the Login button will take you to the router’s administrative dashboard.
  • Navigate to the Genie Settings panel on the Netgear Genie dashboard.
  • Try selecting “Orbi Bridge Mode” from the menu.
  • When you do, choose it and input the WiFi router’s Netgear Orbi login information.
  • Complete the form and your WiFi Bridge will be up and running in no time.
  • Once the Netgear Orbi has detected the gateway, all of your WiFi-enabled devices will be able to connect to the internet automatically.

Finally, the end! The article detailed the steps required to set orbi in bridge mode.


Verifying your router’s mode of operation—whether it’s in bridge mode or not—is the first step. If you are unsure about the most fundamental procedures in setting up your Orbi router, you can call the company’s support line for assistance.

We are a group of tested professionals ready to get to work and assist you with connecting the Netgear Orbi to the router. We’re the tried-and-true experts who can help you out in every way possible. Call our toll-free Orbi Helpline number if you need to get in contact with us. There will be a wide variety of individuals out there that wish to attempt to solve the problem on their own.

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