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How Do I Fix Purple Light on My Orbi Router?

For individuals with larger houses and frequent dead zones, mesh routers are a lifeline. It’s hard to imagine a more frustrating situation than finally getting your brand-new, custom-built computer setup, only to discover that the room you’re in does not have WiFi. Unfortunately, even mesh networks have their limitations. Netgear’s Orbi is unparalleled among wireless-networking gadgets of its kind.

Even yet, a number of customers have reported experiencing problems with the item in the form of a bluish-purple glow in the room also known as the orbi purple light. The Orbi may be having trouble connecting to the internet, or your satellites may not be paired with it properly. In this post, we will provide a complete answer to this problem by outlining all of the methods now in use in a clear and straightforward manner.

How to Fix the Orbi Purple Light?

Before we go into the relatively simple fixes, it’s important to note that the color of the light is indicative of what’s happening within your Orbi device. Even though it’s a big step forward from purple, our ultimate goal is to have the Orbi glow blue and stop the netgear orbi purple light.

If the light is purple, it has not established a connection to the satellites or even the internet. Orange means you have some sort of connection, albeit a very weak one. If your Orbi has turned blue, it is connected to a stable network and has finished syncing.

Don’t immediately believe advice that says updating your firmware will solve the problem. While this recommendation likely originates from a place of goodwill, updating your router’s firmware requires a wired connection with your modem or router as well as access to the internet. This is impossible for reasons that should be self-evident.

Reset The Orbi 

It is always a relief when the simplest answer to a technical problem turns out to be the most successful one. The solution’s name implies that you won’t need a manual to figure it out. To be absolutely certain, we will not only unplug the Orbi but also the modem.

  • You should turn off the modem & unplug the Orbi from it.
  • Plug in your modem again after practicing TM for five minutes (or waiting five minutes).
  • Please wait for it to finish starting up.
  • When the reset is finished, Orbi may be reconnected.

Your Orbi should now be blue instead of purple orbi light, if all goes as planned. If the color doesn’t change, we’ll have to try something else.

Check the Connection Lines 

It may seem patronizing when someone asks whether something is plugged in, but ethernet wires may be tricky. Whether or not you believe you have handled the cables, you should check to make sure they are fully inserted and securely fastened in their respective ports.

Quite often, the little clip that normally snaps into place when you insert an ethernet cable in with its port becomes loose or unresponsive, thus degrading the quality of your ethernet connection. As a consequence, your connections may suffer or your Orbi router may refuse to change its unattractive purple or orange color scheme.

Inspect each cable to make sure it is firmly plugged into its designated socket. Make that the cables aren’t damaged in any manner that might prevent them from making a connection, such as being frayed or ripped. The Orbi’s blue light will turn on if it’s successful; if it stays orbi router purple light, keep reading. 

Retry Syncing Your Orbi and Satellite 

Don’t let the jargon scare you away; this answer is simple and plain. There should be minimal room for error if you adhere to the directions below.

As a side note, if you want the strongest connection possible between your satellite and Orbi, keep them as near together as you can.

  • Look for the Sync button on your Orbi gadget (It is usually present next to the Internet & Ethernet ports).
  • Now, during the next 120 seconds, you must also push the Sync button for your satellite.
  • It will take some time for the pair to get synchronized.
  • A white flashing light on your Orbi means it is trying to establish a connection with your satellite, so long as you follow the instructions carefully.

Make sure the light is blue once again, and if it isn’t, we may go on to investigate other alternatives that don’t involve modifying the actual thing in question.

Check Your Internet Provider for Outages 

It may be completely out of your control if you are unable to connect to the internet at all. Contacting your ISP and explaining the situation is the quickest approach to get an answer. You may learn more about the nature and cause of the problems you’re experiencing by checking for local outages on their website.

While you may certainly check other websites, even those not affiliated with your ISP, to see whether there are internet failures, your ISP is the most reliable source of information on the cause of any disruptions and the timeframe within which they are expected to be resolved.

Factory Reset the Orbi

We don’t recommend a factory reset lightly since it will wipe all of your data, including any passwords, settings, or custom configurations. When everything else fails, a factory reset may be the only option for resolving the issue of purple light on the orbi router. Here you can find detailed instructions for resetting your Orbi to factory settings.


Hopefully, your problem has been solved by my suggestions, and you’re only reading the summary because you are in awe of my eloquence. If not, it’s conceivable that malicious software or viruses are disrupting your connection, the Orbi is running diagnostics, or your Orbi has to be serviced. Regardless, technical difficulties may waste time and hinder productivity. I hope this essay has helped you get your hectic life back in line.

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