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orbi firmware update failed

Can’t update Netgear Orbi Firmware: Let’s Fix It

Every third Netgear Orbi user worldwide has a problem: the Orbi firmware update failed. This is a big problem. But there’s no need to worry! In this post, you’ll find one of the best troubleshooting tips to help you fix the “can’t perform update Orbi firmware using the app” problem immediately.

How to Fix: Orbi App Won’t Update Firmware

Restart Your Netgear Orbi

If you are facing issues of Orbi apps firmware not updating that can sometimes be caused by something as simple as a small technical glitch. You don’t need to worry! To fix the technical problems, turn off and on your Netgear Orbi.

Follow the instructions in the boxes below to know how to turn off and on your Netgear Orbi:

Step 1: Put your Netgear Orbi to sleep.

Step 2: Wait a little while.

Step 3: Power back on your Netgear Orbi.

Once you have restarted your device, check to see if the “Orbi app not updating firmware” problem has been fixed. 

See the connections

Chances are that your Netgear Orbi and modem are not connected properly, which is why you are getting the error. To fix the problem:

Check if the Ethernet cable you used to connect your devices is worn or broken. Aside from that, you should ensure that the Ethernet connection between the Orbi and the modem is as secure and tight as a drum.

And if you have connected your Netgear Orbi to your current modem with WiFi, make sure you are connected to the WiFi on your Orbi.

Once that is done, go to the Netgear Orbi login page to check the connection between your devices.

Are you still getting the same error? No worries! Find out how to fix problems before they happen. Just go down to get them.

Check the Orbi app

Are you sure that the Orbi app you downloaded is the right one? Please make sure! Remember that if you install the wrong app version, you won’t be able to run the app or the orbi satellite firmware update failed. So, you need to make sure you downloaded the correct version of the Orbi app for the Netgear Orbi device you have.

Remove the app and reinstall it

If the problem still doesn’t go away after you’ve tried the above suggestion, we suggest that you:

  • Get rid of the app.
  • After removing the app, ensure your device has enough space to run the app and update the Orbi firmware.
  • Get rid of some files and data you don’t need.
  • Bring your device’s software up to date (if required).
  • Restart your device.
  • Connect the device to the WiFi on the Orbi.
  • Install the app again.
  • Sign in using a valid email ID and Orbi login password.
  • Try again to update the firmware on your orbi.

Now you have a solution to the  problem.

Put your Orbi and satellite closer to each other

Depending on how far away your Orbi is from the satellite, you may not be able to get the latest firmware version on your device. So, when updating the Orbilogin.com firmware, it’s essential to put the devices close to each other and connect them using Ethernet or a wireless source.

Additional Tips

The instructions in the above post are about updating the firmware on the satellite(s):

  • Go to orbilogin.com, click on the Advanced tab, and then click on Administration..Firmware Update.
  • Select the Manual Update tab. You will now see a list of satellites and a text box for updating the base.
  • Click a satellite’s box to mark it.
  • In the lower right corner of the list of satellites, press the Update button.
  • You need to log in again with admin and your password.
  • Now you’re on the satellite’s Firmware Update page, where you can look for your RBS CHK file and upload it.

To Sum It Up

If updated on time, the Orbi firmware update process has helped many people worldwide get the most out of their WiFi  and Netgear Orbi network. So, if you think your Orbi device is acting strangely, check Tech Bable to see if there are any firmware updates. And if you find that the Orbi can’t update firmware, a failed process can be done quickly, do it immediately.

So, can we hope that this article has helped you solve the problem of your “Orbi app not updating firmware”? Please tell us what you think!

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