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update Firmware update manually?

How to update Firmware update manually?

For your typical wireless router, simply launch the web interface of your favorite web browser, go to the firmware settings, point to the location of the new firmware, and begin the upgrade process. Different type of devices have different firmware update processes Instructions on how to effectively update the firmware manually

In some cases, you may need to manually update the Wireless Plus or GoFlex Satellite firmware. In such situations, Seagate recommends that you download the latest firmware version of your device to your computer and manually update the update.

Go to the Download Finder at orbilogiin.com In the Download Finder, enter the serial number of your drive and select the country where you currently live. Check the box and click Submit Query.

Why do we need firmware updates?

While the firmware implements integrated hardware features, firmware updates introduce some software changes that are necessary for the appropriate tool to function competently and also for bug fixes for better security. To update the device firmware, the device user simply needs to install the update made for his specific device.

Updating to the latest firmware has the following benefits:

·       Firmware update upgrades your device using advanced operating instructions without the need to update hardware.

·       By updating the firmware, you can see the new features added by the device and also get a better user experience when interacting with the device.

·       Firmware or device driver performance, which improves processor performance.

·       This has a major impact on order timing, order execution, branch prediction, and speculative execution time.

·       Some problems may occur in the system over time due to software updates; these issues can be resolved by updating drivers by providing service patches.

·       Users can prevent their devices from becoming obsolete by adopting additional features and options that are part of the firmware update.

·       Device driver optimization also helps you quickly decode algorithms to take advantage of top-level hardware.

·       The display logic of most of the devices we use is in EPROM (Electronic Programmable Read-Only Memory), which can be easily updated when we update the operating system.

·       Regular firmware updates reduce the need for costly repairs or troubleshooting.

·       After the microcode update, all the peripherals of the device work optimally together and eliminate delays, thus increasing the overall performance.

Manual firmware update on NETGEAR router:

·       Firstly connect your computer to the router with an Ethernet cable

·       And visit NETGEAR Support.

·       After that enter model number or product name of your router

·       Click Download.

·       Select the firmware version and click Download

·       Then unzip the file if you want or needed

·       In any web browser enter routerlogin.net.

·       A login page appear on your window

·       In the login page fill user name and password

Default user name is admin and the password is the one you specified the first time you logged in. remember that user name and password is always Case-sensitive

·       After this all process select ADVANED>Administration

Other models may use slightly different navigation, such as Settings> Administration.

·       Select Firmware Update or Router Update.

·       The label varies depending on your router.

·       Click Select File or Browse, then locate and select the firmware file ending in .img or .chk.

·       Click the Upload button.

·       Your firmware is updated starts and the router restarts. The firmware update process takes approximately two minutes.


Digital services are subject to constant change because the progression process is a never ending process. New products are launched and equipped with new technologies and improved functions. Updating the firmware will only make your existing devices powerful enough to compete with new products and give you the latest features on the same device.

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